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IHEIR-QF 防霉抗菌膏







iHeir-QF Leather Anti-mold Agent

Product model:iHeir-QF

Product standard :30KG/drum

Appearance and colour:milk-white cream

Packing specification:1KG/30KG/160KG

Majoy usage:Clean moldy leather  surface which was  pecky and grew  mould.Killing  hidden deep in the material of mold spores, reduce the risk of the mould again. Built-in mouldproof factor, so leather can keep for 280 days after iHeir-QF cleaning.Even for the wet articles,after treatment,no more mold or mildew.


产品介绍Product introduction


iHeir – QF( Leather Anti-mold Agent) is a white liquid, appearance is cream.iHeir-QF  was made of a variety of natural brightener, hydrolyzed silk peptide nutrition protective agent, water-based film-former ,and adopted nanometer antibacterial material and organic antimicrobial agent which is safy and  highly effective . iHeir-QF belong s to non-release treating agent,no leaching loss , no alienation,no consumption by microorganism .iHeir-QF kills bacteria through a spicial mechanical method ( smearing on the surface),it gives substration excellent durability so can prevent the harm caused by microorganism and prolong the service life of leather.Advantages of iHeir-QF:decontaminating strong,cleaning mildew spot clean, no harm for leather surface , anti-static, quick drying, no trace.It can make full hand feeling and increase product value after processing. Futher more,iHeir-QF has wide activit of antibacteria,such as mold,algae and yeast,they all can be killed by iHeir-QF.

使用范围The use scope


皮革制品Leather Goods


合成革、PU、PVC、牛皮、羊皮、猪面皮、鹿皮类的鞋子、手袋、手套、帽子、皮带、皮沙发等皮革制品。 Shoes ,bags,gloves ,hats ,belts and leather sofa of synthetic leathe,PU,PVC,crow leather,  sheep skin leather,pig suede upper leathers and deer skin leather.

竹木制Bamboo/Wood Products



Bamboo, wood, rattan furniture, handicraft, guardrail, grasses and the fiber board, plywood, decorative board, density board, avoid lacquer board, gypsum board.


使用方法How to use



包装规格Packing Specification


iHeir – QF( Leather Anti-mold Agent) in 30kg  square plastic drum in blue packaging, please put the product in a cool, dry place where keeps away from children . Don’t  touch the mouth, nose, eyes, etc.If access to the eyes or nose and mouth, rinse immediately with plenty of water, please.

Notice: This product belongs to the environmental  product, but does not exclude individuals will appear allergic phenomenon, so it is recommended that user use rubber gloves and masks when operating.If the skin contact with the agent immodestly, please use soap- water to clean.If the product drop in eyes, please use a lot of water wash immediately.If the condition were more severe , we suggest that see a doctor immediately.



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