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Even if objects were moldy,

we can also ensure it no mildew anymore through iHeir-Spray!


iHeir – Spray ( Spray Anti-mold Agent  )is colorless and transparent liquid, the only one through the U.S. EPA environmental protection certificate product in China. Using nanometer antibacterial material and organic of safe and effective fungicide compound and into it. Belong to the treatment of non release, no losing, no moving.It also not be consumed by the microbes, in a special mechanical sterilization (surface treatment) which will give the product durable resistance to mildew, antibacterial and on the microorganisms have unique protective function that prevent the harm caused by microorganism so that prolong the service life of leather, textile materials. As a new iHeir mouldproof antimicrobial treatment agent, it has a wide range of antimicrobial activity.  The mould and yeast such as aspergillus, wool ball shell has the durability of antibacterial effect.

产品特性Product features

产品外观Product appearance 透明无色液体 colourless Liquid  
主要成分 Main components 十八基有机硅铜季铵盐

eighteen base organic silicon copper quaternary ammonium salt






with any water ratio, alcohols, esters, ketones, hydrocarbon and chlorinated hydrocarbon phase miscibility.

防霉周期(潮湿环境下)Mouldproof  cycle (damp environment) 280天280days  

Dimethyl fumarate



欧盟Reach环保检测The EU Reach environmental detection 通过pass  
刺激性Irritation 肢体接触无刺激

physical contact without stimulation


使用范围 The use scope


iHeir – Spray ( Spray Anti-mold Agent )has a extensive bactericidal effect, to mold such as aspergillus flavus, aspergillus niger  all will be kiled. The characteristics of its ability to inhibit the growth of mold. It can also be used for light industry, shoes, clothing ,bags, textile products, fiber, arts and crafts, furniture , sporting goods ,etc.,It can guarantee the product  in 280 even in humid environment is not chairman mildew after iHeir – Spay mouldproof antimicrobial treatment.

使用方法How to use


iHeir – Spray’s ( Spray Anti-mold Agent ) physical form is  transparent watery and low viscosity liquid, through the brush, the common hand pressure watering can, air pressure gun, fungicide spray machine methods such as brushing, atomized spray on the surface of the product. It is not need to high baking when brusing, only 5 minutes to natural dry  in normal temperature.


仓储包装Warehouse packing


iHeir – Spray ( Spray Anti-mold Agent ) in 25 kg plastic special blue barrels packaging, please keep ventilated, keep away from fire prevent sun basked directly and  pay attention to the seal in warehousing. We recommend that users wear rubber gloves and face mask to use our products.If you need support of technology , environmental inspection report,or on-site technical guidance services, please contact our staffs.



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