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iHeir – TQ(Coating Anti-mold Agent) is a kind of water-soluble coating mildew fungicides. With low toxicity, broad-spectrum sterilization characteristics, mold, fungi, algae and other microorganisms have a strong exterminate action. iHeir – TQ  can be widely used  in  Water-soluble coating and Diluted water coating ,Water dispersible coatings(Latex coating). In actual application, iHeir – TQ does not change the physical properties of coatin.However, it has a good compatibility and the coating’s surface is bright.The reason is iHeir-TQ will prevent  microorganism to breeding and cracking, even in a wet environment.


产品特性Product features

项目Item 指标Production target
外观Product appearance 低粘度透明液体 low viscosity , transparency liquid
溶解性Solubility 溶于水溶性涂料、乳胶漆soluble in water -solublecoating and emulsioni paint
有效成分 active ingredients(%)≥ 45
主要成分Main components 杂环化合物heterocyclic compounds
PH值PH 6.0-8.0
粒径大小Particle size <40微米micrometer

使用范围The use scope

  • 经常潮湿发霉的室内墙面;
  • 因为保温引起的冷凝水造成的墙面潮湿发霉;
  • 经常发霉,每年发霉的涂料墙面;
  • 对于要求除霉效果非常长效的用户注意漏水引起的发霉;
  • 普通楼宇、办公室、居室1-2%, 易长霉的车间、厂房使用添加1-2%;
  • The indoor metopewas wet or moldy ;
  • The wall became wet and moldy becase kept warm tand form of drops;

The wall ofen molds ,even molds every year.

  • The users who focus onavery long-term anti-mold cycle but the hiddin troube is mildew caused by leaks ;
  • Ordinary building, office, bedroom , (easy to mold )workshopuse add 1-2%;

使用方法How to use

iHeir-TQ涂料防霉剂现已系广泛应用于建筑物的内外装潢涂料、乳胶漆、水性墨、色浆等各种领域的抗霉抗菌处理。iHeir-TQ与绝大多数的水溶性涂料具有很好的相容性。使用时,只需要在涂料中添加1%~2%(100公斤涂料加1~2公斤防霉剂)的iHeir-TQ,该涂料即拥有良好的杀菌防霉性能。并符合GB 18582-2001(室内环保装饰装修材料内墙涂料中有害物质限量)要求,不含甲醛,也不含甲醛释放物。

iHeir – TQ (Coating Anti-mold Agent) has been widely applied to the structure of the internal and external decoration coating, latex paint, water-based ink, printing ink, and other areas of the various anti-mildew antibacterial treatment. iHeir – TQ and the vast majority of water-soluble coating has the very good compatibility. Only need to add 1% ~ 2%(iHeir-TQ)  to coating (100 – kilogram coatings add 1 ~ 2 kg iHeir-TQ) .The coating iHeir-TQ has good anti-mold performance. And conform with the requirements the GB 18582-18582 (The limited harmful substances in indoor environmental decoration materials and interior wall paint), no DMF and formaldehyde.


包装储存Warehouse packing


iHeir – TQ in 25 kg  square plastic drum in blue packaging, please put the product in a cool, dry place where under a normal temperature,so can be keep for three years.In addition,keep away from children . Don’t  touch the mouth, nose, eyes, etc.If access to the eyes or nose and mouth, rinse immediately with plenty of water, please.


Notice: This product belongs to the environmental  product, but does not exclude individuals will appear allergic phenomenon, so it is recommended that user use rubber gloves and masks when operating.If the skin contact with the agent immodestly, please use soap- water to clean.If the product drop in eyes, please use a lot of water wash immediately.If the condition were more severe , we suggest that see a doctor immediately.



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